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Pixel Art

vending machine tiling pattern

13/01/2022 - Isometric tiling pattern featuring vending machines, this was originally meant to be a background on my website but it ended up being too noisy despite really enjoying the idea

Animation of a pixel art CRT rotating

18/11/2021 - Practicing rotating objects to learn about perspective and object in a 3D space

Pixel Art Portrait of Noelle Holiday from Deltarune

13/11/2021 - Portrait Study based on the portraits from OneShot

Animal Crossing Train Animation based on New Leaf

23/09/2021 - Was working a lot with isometric perspective when I made this, as a big fan of models on the 3DS and DS I decided to try doing a simple animation based on the train from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are a few mistakes in the animation and it lacks the polish I was after but it was fun to learn while making it

iImage of Crustle (Pokemon) with two flower from an Isometric Perspective

02/09/2021 - My friend was playing a lot of Pokemon Unite around this time and we had a joke about the "Crustle Hustle", I think crustle's inclusion in the game is really cool even if he's not the biggest fan favourite I still like him a lot. This was done in an Isometric perspective as that was what I was working with at the time

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